CATALYST: Technology-assisted Collaborative and Experiential Learning for School Students
G.Vikas, M.Utkarsh, T.Soumya, M.Ravi, K.Sorathia, D.Om, Y.Kuldeep
In proceedings of 17th HCI International 2015, Los Angeles, US.
Category: Full Paper 

Tangibot: Augmented food printing experience for kids using smart blocks 

A.Bhawna, G.Vikas, P.Pradeep, T.Richa & V.Poorvi
In proceedings of 26th Annual Conference OzCHI 2014, Australia
Category: Short Paper

CaptuRing: A Tangible Imaging Tool for Brainstorming
G.Vikas, A.Bhawna, A.Safinah, T.Neeraj, K.Sorathia

In ACM Proceedings of Indian HCI conference 2014, New Delhi, India
Poster and Demo Track. 

Bachelors Thesis Report 

Exploring the role of Technology in Educational Domain
G.Vikas, M.Utkarsh, T.Soumya
Part 1 - TERCEL-Remotely controlled technology-enabled learning framework
Part 2 -  Study to explore the elements of gamication in MassiveOpen Online Courses(MOOCs)
Part 3 - TRACKt Tracing teacher parent interactions
(Only for academic purpose - IPR reserved with authors)

Usability Testing Report

Rent Usability Testing (Android App)
Akansha, Vikas, Bhawna

Analysis of user research sessions for Rent Android app of the was done and this report was drafted to delineate usability issues and suggestions.