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Bodas - Visual DC Configurator

Summer Internship (May - July 2013)

Neocome | The New Age of Communication

Ozchi 24 Hour Design challemge

Alcheringa 2014 | Promotional Videos

Head, Creatives Team

Alcheringa 2014 | Print and Online media

Head, Creatives Team


Class Assignment

ARK | Anti Rape Kit Project
Self Project (Feb'13 - ongoing)

Sahyogini | Device to Training and Assist 'ASHA' Workers 

Interaction Design Project  1
(Aug'13 - ongoing)

My Movie | Mobile Application to Give Information About Multiplexes and Seat Availability

Design Project - 1

Manthan | Branding and Event Design

Intrahostel Cultural festival

Alcheringa 2013 | Event and module Posters

Member Creatives Team

Alcheringa 2014 | Logotype 

Head, Creatives Team

Gallant Corporate Identity


Booklet Design

Alcher Proceedings 2013


Class Assignment

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