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Physical Computing 101!
Introduction to Physical Computing 

Ping Pong Pad | A Game


Introduction to Physical ComputingCourse
August ’13 – November’13

Course Instructor

Asst Prof. Keyur Sorathia



About the Course
This was an introductory course, we were familiarized with the fundamentals of physical computing and introduced to several tools such as Arduino, NetLab, Fiducial, Lego mindstorms, Makey Makey and Processing. The new possibilities of meaningful and creative interactions were explored through basic and simple assignments.

The course concluded with an assignment wherein we were asked to develop a working prototype of an interactive retail experience using the available resources at our lab. We, in a team of four used makey makey kit and a ping pong game programmed in pythan to develop an interactive multiplayer game controlled by body movement.




Team members
Shruthi, Neeraj, Tuhinah, Kushagra 


Simple Applications Using Arduino and Makey Makey kit.  

Simple applications using Lego Mindstorms and Sensors  

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