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MILKMAN - Milk products delivery app for daily needs

Overview: A company named Milkman provides organic milk and milk products to the customers. This app helps customer to avail a subscription of the service through which products would be delivered at the door step of the user. 

User Scenario and use case : Raunak Menon is a 25 years old bachelor living in Gurgaon. He is very health conscious and wants to avail service from the milkman. He wants half a liter of cow milk every day and Curd on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday only. 

He wants items to be delivered before 7:30 am as he leaves for office between 8:00 am to 11:00 am. He doesn't want to pick the items personally but wants to get an intimation when the items are delivered so that if he is awake he can pick them up.

Assumptions : 
User can only create one subscription, with only one delivery slot per day.
2. The product range is limited (10 -15)

3. User has probably used some shopping apps in the past

4. Use case of people buying without subscription like other shopping app is not considered for this                   exercise. The only way to shop here is through subscription.






PART 1 - Flow for first time user

User Journey and attributes

Select the item to be subscribed  
By default, an item is subscribed to every day, but user has freedom to change the subscription by selecting the days of a week he wants to get the items 

Once all the items are selected, user is asked to provide delivery related information which comprises of delivery address, delivery slot, and delivery preference.
User has an option to view the list of items before he proceeds to pay.
User is asked to pay and subscription is done.

First time users

PART 2 - Repeating Users

Possible tasks and attributes

Quickly check the status of the delivery 
In an existing order, user should be able to modify the order as per need. User can change the quantity of an item, add a new item , change the time of the delivery.
User can also cancel the order for  particular day or days
Modify subscription
Suspend subscription for days
Contact no of the delivery boy.

Provision to provide quick feedback to improve the service and customer experience

Like many households keep a monthly account of delivery, similar feature in app can help user to keep a track of delivery and monthly bill 






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