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Neocome | The New Age of Communication
Ozchi 24 Hours Design Challenge 2014 

The Complete Documentation (The blog maintained during the challenge)

The direct link

Project Duration
Sep'13 (24 hours)

Problem Statement

Design the future of email.

My Roles & Responsibilities

Literature Study, User Interview, Task Analysis, Storyboarding, Brainstorming, Final Conceptualization, Information Architecture, Task Flows, User Interface development and Mockups.

Proposed Solution

OZCHI is an international 24 hour design challenge. After following a through design process, a futuristic solution Neocom - a device was proposed with an underlying principle of email replacement. 

We realized loads of opportunities areas in the existing system and these were finally selected to work upon.

1. An email replacement
2. The system should be intelligent and quick
3. Choose what you want, See what you want to see.
    (Customization and flexibility, as per user needs)
4. Physical Interaction, the system should be beyond clicks.
5. Reducing email overload.

NeoCom, a foldable and portable platform, which act as a perfect replacement to any email service provider.The whole interface of the platform is based on minimalistic design. The organization of tasks is done according to the needs and scenario of the user. So, a very limited and relevant information is available to the user, which helps us in reducing the cognitive load.NeoCom is made up of two words – ‘Neo’ and ‘Com’. Neo means New and Com stands for Communications. So, NeoCom stands for the new age of communication.It provides users with all the actions through interactive circles. All the circles can be customized according to the user’s needs and his activities.





Team Members

Utkarsh Mishra, Poorvi Vijay, Shambhavi Deshpande

Final Deliverables

1. Scientific paper
2. Concept video

3. Complete documentation through blog 


Process Followed

We did literature study, Heuristic evaluation, Competitive benchmarking, Brainstorming, User study, Task analysis, Affinity analysis, Personas and Scenarios building, Information architecture, Wireframing, Paper prototyping, Task flows and Interface design

User Interface and a Task flow

Example :If one person uses majorly file sharing and calendar, then only two circles showing these two features would be present. And if the person is an avid user of emails, and categorizes the mails into various sub-folders, then he could customize his homescreen with just the circles containing Inbox and these folders. 


So, the whole platform of NeoCom could be customization as per users need. In the proposed system, the flow task is also simplified. One important feature of NeoCom is ‘the Overview’ users may have a general look of all connections, network and senders of mail at once.

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