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HackerEarth Assignment | ATM for kids

Overview : An interface of an ATM machine for the kids through which kids can withdraw money from it without any adult supervision, check the balance without supervision of parents

Defining the users : For this design exercise, kids of age should be at least around 6 years in order to reason and comprehend primitive language structure.  At age of 7 years, kids also start building a logical way of thinking and understanding of surrounding the world. Hence users below the age of 6 years might find it difficult to use the ATM.

Attributes of the Design :  10 pointers 

1. Simple language - short and simple sentences
2. Instruction or message at appropriate time and place
3. Feedback at every step
4. Affordance - easy to understand UI elements for ex. buttons
5. Cheerful and neat - in accordance with mental model of kids
6. Unidirectional and straightforward navigation
7. Usage of appropriate colours
8. Use of story as an element of engagement to increase attention span
9. Audio Instructions
10. Video instructions


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