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Quest : Peer Learning & Engagement in MOOCs Discussion Forum Using Gamification 

Aim : To motivate participants in a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like Coursera to get more engage in discussion forum and use it as a platform for peer-learning by floating ‘tasks’ (Quests). 

Purpose : Bachelors Thesis (partial full filment)  

Team Members  : Utkarsh Mishra, Soumya Tiwar

Full Report : here

Need Identification and System Attributes

Brief: Current discussions forums in MOOCs fail to be an effective medium in promoting engagement and learning among students. These forums contains lots of noise and unwanted data degrading the quality of overall discussions. Moreover these forums fail to creating new knowledge through diverse users’ interactions. We believe the threads created by quests in discussion forum should encourage other participants to contribute enthusiastically. It should creates socially conducive environment, which is fun and simultaneously promotes learning.For non-game context like MOOCs gamification can be used as a powerful motivational design tool. This is an exploratory project where established research in pedagogy has already proven most of the therories used to come up with system.

Features and Implementation
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