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Data Collector's App

Overview : A newly designed tool for the data collectors to congregate data related to properties and agents from the field. is a portal for listing properties for rent and buy. Showing only genuine and self collected data is the USP of hence data collection is an integral part

Purpose : For solutions team,

Duration : Oct'15 - Nov'15 

Credits : Sayanee Halder for helping in final visuals

PART 1 - Data collection of properties

Major Attributes
1. Schedule  - User should get to know the schedule in advance
2. Create New Listings - User can himseld create a new listing
3. Check for duplicate flats before collection - It has been observed that many properties were collected multiple times.
4. Click Photograph 
5. Recollection of the properties

PART 2 - Account of Saved Properties

Major Attributes
1. To create a duplicate of a collected properties if user wants to collect a similar property again
2. Clear the memory of the phone
3. Upload high quality photographs
4. Delete self created incomplete listings

PART 2 - Data collection for Agents

Major Attributes
1. Agent Details
2. Services provided by agents
3. Firm Details

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