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Bodas - Visual DC Configurator
Summer Internship (May - July 2014)

Project Overview

Project Overview

Role and Responsibilities

Role and Responsibilities

Robotics 2020 | Brainstorming

Robotics 2020 | Brainstorming

Project Duration
May - July 2013


User Experience Studio Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solution, Bangalore-India.

Key Responsibilities

To develope UI of a software, Ideation and brainstorming for Robotics 2020 project, Scenarios, Executive Summary.

Team Members

Bhawna Aggarwal


Mr. Pradeep Joseph (Director -User Experience, Bangaluru )

Mrs. Shilpa Mitul Bhat (Project Manager)

Project Description

Working in Bosch was just not limited to a single project but was exposed to multiple mini projects and activities but primarily I was involved in the BODAS Visual DC Configurator tool project, BODAS DCT ( DIsplay Configuration Tool) is a software tool of the Bosch Rexroth group which offers a Windows-based interface for easy, customer specific, user centric configuration of various settings and features of a device which controls heavy machinaries. I was working on user interface of the software for the key use cases.Realized the design concepts, objectives and opportunity areas for the project. I was also involved in analyzing the findings of the user testing done by low fidelity prototypes and to make changes accordingly in final Interface.I also worked on the final executive summary of the project


The whole internship period was an enriching experience which not only exposed me to the corporate culture and distinct work environment but also enhance my knowledge in numerous fronts like user research, usability testing, User interface and visual Design etc. to name few.


Any kind of material related to the above mentioned project can't be displayed due to confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreement

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