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Airport Assist_Locate luggage at the airports with ease

Primary Problem : A traveller has landed at San Francisco International Airport and uses a mobile application to find her checked bag(s). 

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1. The app can access flyer's data and real-time flight data.

2. The airport is equipped with Indoor positioning and tracking system
3. The system is enabled with RFID tags and low energy Bluetooth devices to track luggage in real time.  

4. The system can precisely predict the luggage arrival time on the belt 

5. To track luggage on the belt and communicate the same to the user, there are multiple RFID scanners across the belt.
6. Immigration gates are after luggage collection area. 

Possible alternate low-cost solution using weighing machines.

RFID tracking and indoor navigation are the sophisticated and capital-intensive systems. 

The primary use case is to help the user to track his luggage. The system just needs to identify the luggage and map it to the respective traveller.

This can alternatively be done by measuring the weight of a bag to 2nd or 3rd decimal places. This reduces the probability of two bags having the same weight to almost zero. 

As per the weight of the bag measured at the belt, the respective user can receive a notification oh the phone. 

This solution assumes that weight can be measured precisely and margin of error of weighing machine is negligible.   


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