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Alcheringa 2014 | Logotype
Annual Cultural Extravaganza of IIT G 

The Final Logotype

The Final Concept Sketch


The theme for 2014 edition of Alcheringa was decided to be 'atlantis', a mythical island which sank into the ocean "in a single day and night of misfortune." according to Plato a philosopher in Classical Greece. Many people re facinated with the stories and mystries attached to this lost city.

An edition of college cultural festival like Alcheringa is recognized and identified through its theme. A strong identity like logotype depicting theme ('Atlantis') effectively is what plays an important role in overall branding of festival. It should convey not only meaning to audience but also the the emotions and the direction in which the fest would unfoald.


Thought Process

There are lots of stories about atlantis and still there is confusion about its location an its existance which provides us a great potential to be wild in our imagination and present 'atlantis' from different perspective keeping Alcheringa at the centre.

The Inspiraions were drawn from Greek culture and different typefaces of Greek language. The main points kept in mind while designing it were

1. Simple and Legible.
2. Should depict the rich culture of Atlantis
3. Should workout on ifferent Backgrounds  



Some other iterations

font 3.jpg
font 4.jpg
iteration 2.jpg
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