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The annual cultural festival of IIT Guwahati

Head of Brand Communication and Creative team - 2014 Edition
It was one of the best experience of college life where I got an opportunity to fully explore my creative side. It was my responsibility to design and coordinated with the teams to full fill overall design and branding requirements of the festival. Got an opportunity to lead and mentor a dedicated creative team of 13 members.

Contribution - Conceptualize the theme of the festival and chalk out the branding strategies. Delivered various artifacts including logo type, promotional videos, website, posters, newspaper advertisements, proceedings, banners, brochures, concept and execution plan of campus decoration.

Credits - This journey was beautiful beacause of my talented mavericks - (In no particular order) Shambhavi Deshpande (Co Head), Needa Jamil, Vysak As, Samadrita Das, Akshay Kochikar, Mayank Garg, Lokesh Deshwal, Gowthami Gudipati, Prudhvi Manchhu, Meenal Mandil, Sruzan Lola, Piyush Yadav, Soumya Tiwari   

Alcheringa | A beautiful Journey

Note - It's not possible to showcase each and every thing we built together therefore showing just glimpse of what we did majorly focusing on artifacts that I did myself or had my major contribution.

Two major posters to reveal theme (first poster) and competitions

Competition poster_FINAL_onlin release_LOW
alcheringa 13 SEP
Mothers day_FB Publi_Final Render_12 may 2013
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