Adobe Assignment


Users type Rahul is 25 years old and loves to travel. He is novice photographer and doesn't know much about photography and editing. But he likes sharing his experiences with his friends. He generally uploads some of the photos to popular social platforms like facebook. He wants a tool which can quickly and smartly edit his photos make them interesting so that it engenders some character to his not so good photographs.

User Flow 1- Photoshop Element Editor - Quick

Major pain points in the existing flow :

1. It is not very clear what to expect when a user clicks on 'auto' button multiple times. 
2. The relation between the 'auto' and the intensity bar is difficult to understand.

Additional features
Save Versions -  It provides an ability to save  iterations/versions during the editing of a photograph. These versions  could be reviewed or modified later by the user.  

Marvel prototype of new user flow

1. Smart fix 

2. Save a version

3. Color Adjustment

User Flow 2 - Photoshop Element Editor - Guided 
Focused on step wise editing flow

Scenario and user tasks  : Rahul went on a road trip with his friends to Jaisalmer, it was a fantastic experience for him and clicked pictures from his phone. He wants to quickly edit one of the photographs where his friend was driving on sands. he wants to add some speed to it upload it on facebook. 

Major pain point in existing flow :

The Guided flow of the photoshop element could be more flexible. Once a user moves from one to step to another he is not allowed to make changes in the previous steps and might have to start over again.

Additional features
1. Quick Tutorial Guides -  Breaking a complex step into steps makes it easier for a user to comprehend and act. But taking novice users into consideration they might not be aware of using certain tools or techniques. Since it is a guided mode it becomes more important to guide user at every possible touch point.

2. Smart Suggestions  -  A difficult  part in photo editing is to make a suitable choice. For a user who wants to quickly get appropriate results and is unaware of the best techniques or know-how, the process sometimes becomes frustrating and time-consuming. Therefore whenever possible user should be allowed to quickly choose from some smartly suggested options

Marvel prototype of new user flow