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Akkar | A Learning Game for Kids
Inspired from traditional Indian games. 

Project Duration


Ideation, Literature Study, Etnographic Research, Game play and prototyping

Target Users
Kids belonging to age group 3-6 years.

Learning Objectives
Pointing skill, shape recognition, color recognition, sequencing and ordering skill, counting and numbers

Project Description

Akkar is a low cost physical game, inspired from Indian traditional
""Akkar bakkar bambe bo"

 This game is built for the kids of age group 3-6 to learn counting, numbers, color recognition, shape recognition and other geometrical properties like line vertices etc. 

It is generally seen in the Indian household that grandparents  spend lots of time with their grandchildren. This time can be utilized to educate child or to mke them perform some mental exercises. Facilitator (like grandma) who may or may not be educated gives certain tasks.

For as shown in gameplay one facilitator can arrange bits in a particular order and then can ask learner to follow the order and find out the shape formed by thread.

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